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Man in the Wheel

    Band: Turahtan

   Album: Man in the Wheel
    Year: 2013
   Genre: Acoustic Rock
Duration: 22:39

1. Morning Song
2. Man in the Wheel
3. Graal
4. Nowaday Jonah
5. Happy Halloween
6. Ten O'Clock
7. White moon of the past (instrumental)
8. I don't Care
9. The Grand Song of Fiscal Politics
                      & Taxpayer Cry

   Not the meaning but the result of human activity is movements of items and materials. There are some very slow observers outside and one their second is equal to our year. On this reason they can not see people and other beings of the Earth who are moving too fast and simply being dissolved in time, but they can trace relocation. Soil and stones are creeping and turning to pyramids, dams, roads, buildings and fast growing rubbish dumps. The discovery is following and almost clear confirmed by interaction: there are unknown wights existing with so short period of life, moving so fast since we can not even see them...


sunrise so bloody, venous
painting the satin sky
where the night star Venus
losing the light to die
The dull sun morning coming
piercing gray clouds through
whisper, last prayer Amen
foretells the fate for you

please don't read the fortune me
don't invite disaster
I gonna build my destiny
don't you think I trust you?


man in the wheel
don't you know what you get
man in the wheel
running only ahead
man in the wheel
don't you know this is all
man in the wheel
if you stop you will fall


Stuck on the station for many days
My generation is running rat race.
Dear, we prefer to run better life,
Listen, I refer to my risky flight.

I'm not a gambler I ride through the night,
Please be informed, my Queen.
I'm very near about Graal,
May be tomorrow I'll win!

Please don't count terrible miles
Leave this amount out to rise.
I like to get all the booty at once,
I'm very hardly handling my lance.


what do you fill inside the fish?
do you believe in it?

buildings surrounding through
taking besides all the room
city is following you
suddenly close and gloom
as you are vitally stuck down
just like a leaf on a tree
when no freedom around
and no way be free


candle blinks twice on a pumpkin eyes
dancers dressing as skinny lizards
fire jumps on the satin sky
moving over running wizards

out of fashion stock you perform catwalk
thin and silky lace on the wind high flight
glossy cover page and your tender age
never die my love never die


Ten o'clock, the day has gone,
Have you got a pill for to gilt?
Do you read your Rolling Stones
Dancing funny boogie woogie?
You still drive your Cadillac,
Keep in mind the same sensation,
Willing just a bit more lack,
Older Woodstock generation...

All the things that you can get,
On your ways that are not risky...
Do you smoke your cigarette?
Have you got a glass of whisky?
Later evening ten o'clock
Do you mind your last desire?
Rock'n'Roll for roll and rock,
Farewell for time of fire...

7. WHITE MOON OF THE PAST (instrumental)


You're telling me: how it should be.
I gonna see, I'm aware.
You're telling me: nobody's free.
How it will be? I don't care.
You're telling me: this is not good...
I've got my lunch anywhere.
I've understood. Hide healthy food.
I've got my punch. I don't care.

You're telling me: how it should be.
I gonna see, I'm aware.
You're telling me: nobody's free.
How it will be? I don't care.
You're telling me: your car is scrap.
Will you respect me somewhere?
How you will drive? It will collapse
Maybe one time... I don't care.

You're telling me: how it should be.
I gonna see, I'm aware.
You're telling me nobody's free.
How it will be? I don't care.
You're telling me: throw your guita".
Who like this noise everywhere?
I promise you: I will not do,
But if I do I don't care.

(the "globe" idea inspired by Yaroslsav Gashek)

This is an official announce of the government
Of current system crisis times of total economy...
We really want to keep safe working places
For our colleagues, families and relatives.
As we fully following our pre-election promises
We will not increase the taxes dramatically,
Not more than on one hundred percents.
This measure is still keeping rates on low level.

We're hardly working full day and even night.
We hate the taxes we hate the taxes.
We know the country if people pay too much
Will be collapsed will be collapsed.

For kind attention of our taxpayers...
More countries have joint the economy zone
We need new offices and more clerks
to form announced departments and... commissions!
This is well know from twentieth century,
And now confirmed by last investigations
That inside of the globe there is another ball
Sized much more bigger that the first one.