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Psychedelia Lancer


    Band: Turahtan

   Album: Psychedelia Lancer
    Year: 2012
   Genre: Acoustic Rock
Duration: 25:07

1. Nightmares & Knights (instrumental)
2. Graal
3. Trains
4. Passage (instrumental)
5. Three castles
6. Subway
7. Splits
8. The Unicorn (instrumental)

A draft acoustic piece...

1. Graal

Stuck on the station for many days
My generation is running rat race.
Dear, we prefer to run better life,
Listen, I refer to my risky flight.

I'm not a gambler I ride through the night,
Please be informed, my Queen.
I'm very near about Graal,
May be tomorrow I'll win!

Please don't count terrible miles
Leave this amount out to rise.
I like to get all the booty at once,
I'm very hardly handling my lance.

2. Trains

This station last night I mention that's right.
All feelings I get I pass and forget.

I'm leaving this day just changing my train.
I'm moving, don't stem, from where I am.

My life will hold luck on running through dark
When sunshine, thin beam seems short flash and gleam.

Railroads, steel wheels are rolling time reels.
Black wood and grey stone, the train that has gone.

3. Passage (instrumental)

4. Three castles

I will build your castle with strong granite stones
Higher on the mountains, proud on the prime.
It will be impregnable, and for you, My Rose,
To be safe and happy for a long, long time.

Enemy's armada comes with storm machines
Walls will be fallen. Sorrows will come in.
To be rescue ever here no way,
To be safe and happy maybe for one day...

I will build your castle with gold sand of rivers,
Make the gates and walls elegant as lace.
It should seem attractive and you will get even
To be safe and happy maybe for some days...

Heavy rains and autumn will come with the wind,
Walls will be destroyed. Troubles will come in.
To be rescue ever here no ways,
To be safe and happy maybe for some days...

I will build your castle with the fog of clouds,
Towers and walls in the sky, My Love.
While the wind is coming, seems it is allowed
To be safe and happy just for moments now.

Instantly forever here in the sky
No troubles ever, even no time...
Here on the cloud on the crystal ice
To be safe and happy till the end of times...

5. Subway

Late trains, time clocks, huge rail networks...
Grey crowds move off through black hole rows.
Non-stop fuss run when each is one.
Your life will stay all days the same.

6. Splits

Time is forcing down just to awake.
Noise of the town causes headache.
On separating darkness and light
Morning downgraded wisdom of night.
On good and evil nobody is free.
Whisper of devil, fruits on the tree...
Trapping of bogs of the lying and ban,
Teeth of a dog and blood of the lamb.

Splitting galaxies after big bang
Darkness expands on the space of the run,
And far away as a spark running through
Day after day I am farther from you.

7. Time / The Unicorn (instrumental)

I feel, I will to know my time
I let, I get to know my time

I see I'm free to waste my time
I'm free to be to waste my time

I need, I fit to sell my time
I let, I get to sell my time

I fly I try to slow my time
I feel, I will to slow my time

© 2012 turahtan

A draft of a movie that will be never released