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Redmug (rock-opera)

 Band: Turahtan

   Album: Redmug (rock-opera)
    Year: 2014
   Genre: Rock Opera, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 50:42
   About: A story has been inspired by some 
          experience, predictions and night 
          dreams in and out of the Crimea of 
          the Soviet and post Soviet times.

1.  Fathers
2.  A Stranger
3.  Eva
4.  The flight
5.  The Isle of Freedom
6.  Old Man, Young Man
7.  Jerusalem (Part 1)
8.  The Overheard Song
9.  The Cross in the Fire
10. Kingdom of the Cry
11. The Ash
12. The Sword Of Damocles
13. Jerusalem (Part 2)

Crime, wars and tears everywhere during the history of the Earth probably are most affectively concentrated on this woesome but beautiful piece of land. Nothing more to say: this is current surgery without anesthesia. The history is being written by the blood... Cry. Crime. Crimea...

Dedicated to my friends of the Soviet Era...

1. Fathers

Please do remember my son
On this hard job what we do
Practice to handle the gun
Is not the main skill for you.
Fingers on triggers are hard,
Barrels are ready to melt,
Enemies brains and black blood,
Wet leather aprons and belts.
Future belongs just to you my son,
Follow my last words, please.
Good education will help to become
A servant of the secret police.

Now when my further is dead,
His sleep is peaceful at least.
I understood what he said
And I respect his bequeath.
I know the sense of my life,
Happy and easy to be,
Graceful as shape of a knife
A carrier in KGB.
Nobody knows what I really do,
All are afraid on to guess.
I know them all. Will they know me too?
They have to know less than less.

Now I'm a dad by myself,
My son is adult enough.
Handling of guns very well
Is not a nowadays craft.
His university skill
Makes him to feel as a prince,
I allow him everything
Even an American jeans!
Only the deal, he was born
With an abnormal red face,
I'm not afraid this at all,
I will give him the right place.

2. A Stranger

A stranger I am, a stranger I am...

You told me I should to loud
My country the best what we know
You told me I would be proud
Of my grand father a hero.
Tell my why when I walk
To my home and I'm beside
All the street roving dogs
Run out to other side?

A stranger I am, a stranger I am...

You told me the family clan,
The dynasty of KGB,
Is gallant to hold and run
As anyone dreams to be.
Can you explain me why
On mirrors at any place
I ever will be horrified
To see my red terrible face?

A stranger I am, a stranger I am...

You told me that all your friends,
Each one the best country child
Wears tunics with medals and
Shines on bright carrier light.
With nothing to sell or buy
Just honour is what to stick.
But don't try to read me why
I see them and I feel seek.

3. Eva

Just your name I hear Eva, Eva.
I can say you are my Queen.
You was born for freedom even here.
Beautified this city in.
I will ask to help me my imagination
On sad lonely days to be.
Maybe you can here my silent, quiet question
Do you still remember me?
And I have in mind how you without crying
Tell me again and clear straight right,
You and your parents are leaving to Israel
No one will delay your flight.

Your Jerusalem is near, near.
You will never feel my plea.
Do you like the real city Eva
That I can not even see?
Yes, I head about the magic town
Coming out from the sky.
Only I can cry on my way down,
Don't allow the dream to die.
What I have to do to imagine really
New Jerusalem far away in my mind,
And I understand it will be disappearing
When I'll pass away from the light.

4. The Flight

Flight tonight, flight tonight.

My dear taxi driver
Now I'm afraid, too late.
Let me to get to in time,
Do it, accelerate!
I'll never see again her,
Things turn to other sort,
Maybe I can just wait for
Near the airport?
You know she is Jew, I'm Russian,
Nothing about that,
Freedom of immigration
Is what I can not get.
I wanna be just near
To see her plane in flight,
My father told me clear
She can not be my bride.

Flight tonight, flight tonight.

I am a taxi driver,
I gonna do my job.
Time when my cab is running
Day after day non stop.
I'm just a car appendix
Manages myself to stick,
No escape and maybe
I am too gentle and weak.
Nobody will not tell you
What is the sense of life,
But most of us are happy
To crawl the edges of knives.
Tired, overdriving,
Blinded by moving lights
Nightmares and me are running,
Turning my drive to flight.

Flight tonight, flight tonight.

5. The Isle of Freedom

Walking down to the street
You are happy to see it
On a crowd of nice drunk people
All of them you glad to meet.
It looks like a yard for cattle
The central city bear bar,
Proud freedom, field of battle,
Empty heads without the czar.

You are happy you are free only on this reason
Everyone wants to forget nightmares of the prison.
If you are just abstinent this is nothing clear
And "In Vino Veritas" is the true word here.

Fame the kingdom of the slaves,
Who is stupid to be brave?
Spend your life and what to say
A workhorse of nowadays?
Every day and every night
Propaganda running lie!
You feel right only away,
When you're of the light!

This is real feel yourself not just as an outcast
Only here your red skin is not on the contrast.
Look around on scarlet faces people of good luck
And be happy on the colour of the native flag.

Drink, drank, drunk... I hate this country...

6. Old man, Young man

Can't you see these young man's eyes?
Depthless black behind the ice,
Fear of being and fear of death,
Running wheels, the night express,
Snowbound fields and Christmas sky,
Blind sweet faith on "never die",
Morning coffee, evening tea,
Senselessness infinity...

Can't you see an old man ghost
Who leans on the dirty post
Passing trough his final hours
In the muddy bear house.
Do you like your wrinkly face?
No time and no space,
Falling down by the door
On an empty corridor...

7. Jerusalem (Part 1)

When the city is coming from the sky
To take out all who will never die.
If you are an angel taking your chance maybe,
But forget this blather and don't cry.
Stop your empty dream and shut up forever
You are really buried under bulks of dust.
Just remember now that your poor lot is "never"
What you can get out is just nothing to trust.

People as you are all around,
We have stuck down on the ground.
We can creep so well on no way to fly out
No place for us upper in the sky.
What you have to do is to imagine really
New Jerusalem is far away in your mind,
And you understand it will be disappearing
When you'll pass away from the light.

8. The Overheard Song

We are fervent patriots
Leaders of the cattle,
Officers of idiots
Powder of the battle.
Are you proud? You are wrong
Even as a reach men.
You will get your place among
Pest bugs of entrenchment.

We are here all around,
Force your stupid brain!
Staing firmly on the gound
We was born to reign!
Keep in mind the farewell
Pounds, francs or bucks.
We will keep your freedom well
On the leash of tax.

9. The Cross in the Fire

Nightmares of my last diving,
Trapped on by a fishing net,
Overdue by timing,
Trembling I can't forget.
Here last choice is narrow,
My waterproofing watch
Shows me by turning arrows
Troubles I have to catch.
Oxygen pressure is suddenly, suddenly going down.
I understand what will happen, happen here and now.
Maybe I gonna die,
Maybe I gonna die...
Water turns to the sky
Water turns to the sky...
The Cross in the Fire,
Death on the Night!

Now I can see I'm walking
Along an old cemetery wall,
The sullen and dark gate-watcher
Is pushing to pass me on.
I see the soil, unknown land
Similar graves, as clones,
I read the names of my friends
On old and too dark grave stones.
Now I can see they are walking dressing on grey hood clothing
And they pretend they don't know me and my name for them is nothing.
Then I see the biggest grave,
Then I see the biggest grave.
This is for me they say,
This is for me they say.
The Cross in the Fire,
Death on the Night!

I crawl the stairway down
Hiding my leaving wreck.
Deeply on underground
Red lights on lowest black.
Glow of the boiling magma,
Noise of titanic buzz...
No, I will run out,
I wanna see green grass!
What is, that I've forgot here, I must be at home for lunch!
Hey you, gate-watcher, don't stop me, I certainly give you my punch!
I'm falling to the dark,
I'm falling to the dark.
Nothing around me now,
Nothing around me now.
The Cross in the Fire,
Death on the Night!

10. Kingdom of the Cry

In the Kingdom of the Cry
People follow rules of lie,
Even mirrors in this country
Are deceivers for a while.

To survive poltroons and slaves
Need a sachem with red face
To create denunciations
Straight ahead on deadly race.

Your genetic code is right
If you are a headsman's child,
As the kids of murdered millions
Was not born to see the light.

11. The Ash

The dastard dux, a demented nation,
The ship gives a lurch, the damaged side,
The unruled train madly passed the stations
To the dead end through the gloom of the night.
Pure time when the black is white,
Crystal view when the true is lie,
On this context all the fools are right,
Armies commit the last march to die.

Overturning the brains,
Overturning the brains.

In symbiosis religion, the power
Use propaganda to wash human brains,
Church takes a list as the Pisa Tower,
Suddenly starting its turning rates.
The cathedral lines on the round
Doomed to die us an uprooted tree,
The sky is moving below the ground
Taking the way of the half circle degree.

Overturning a church,
Overturning the church.

True born kings crucifying astern,
Red Mug is running the crime reign greed,
Preparations to crown the bustard,
Is the last nail for the coffin lid.
When the sky will be burnt by fire,
Sin and malfeasance, net and gross,
Never tell me "you are" and "I am",
Hot wind takes out the ash of the cross.

Ash in crashing,
Ash in crashing,
Ash in crashing,

12. The Sword of Damocles

Angel keeper let me know
Are you with me busy?
If I'll choose the way to go
Nothing will be easy.
Are you sure? Tell me please!
Leaving in this country
Under the Sword of Damocles
Carefree and lightly!
All the borders on the locks,
Cleaning brain transmissions,
Even music, roll and rock
Is on prohibition.
I can't see the agony
Of the fateful nation,
No any choice for me
Under suffocation!

Red wine blood of human grape
Under shoes of butchers,
And decision to escape
Maybe my last good chance.
All my simple out fit,
Flippers, diving suit...
Helpful thing a little bit
And I have to do it.
Only freedom what I wish,
Easy dream and sounds good,
I am swimming as a fish,
Have learnt in my childhood.
Then, my angel, keep me please!
Foreign ships will come, go...
Maybe crew will take me with
When they get a sight of.

13. Jerusalem (Part 2)

My way for escape is too narrow and low,
But this bloody land ever pushes me go.
Footprints on the sand are for short time to be
And waves come to clean 'em, the sea will take me.

I can't use a boat I'll be quick and smart
Invisible now even for the coastguard,
I am not afraid of strong wind and cold stream
I will celebrate my sweet freedom to swim.

Without the choice to be free or to die
By whispering voice of the sheltering sky
That never will tell who I really am...
Oh my mystic city, my Jerusalem!