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Uncurtained Abyss

    Band: Turahtan

   Album: Uncurtained Abyss
    Year: 2016
   Genre: Political Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 30:11

1. The Light is Shining on the Red Carpet
2. Suns and Moons
3. All Add in Pain (A Tribute to...)
4. Above and Below
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Flecks of the Chaos
7. Recycle Facts
8. Slight Try to Escape (instrumental)
9. Insane Rhapsody

A senseless tunnel for mechanical words and geared cinematic sound...

1. The Light is Shining on the Red Carpet

Message for the nations
Magic sign above the sky
Lie in combinations
Just to cover on the lie
Watching TV rubbish
Integrating all the lies
Talking heads of cabbage
Plastic balls instead of eyes

The light is shining on the red carpet
The red carpet of the bloody red

I lost my dress-coat
I wear a tattered jeans
I threw all my gold
I got my wine and cheese
I'm moving against the wind
I'm running against the time
I wear my tattered jeans
I have got my cheese and wine

Freedom, freedom, freedom...

Worship profanations
Clear skies, the yellow Moon
Sick imagination
Will the war be coming soon?
Send-off of the freedom
Broken vizor of the slam
Vacancy of wisdom
Kingdom of the Kingdom Come

2. Suns and Moons

Through my small window I see in the morning on the horizon three rising suns.
I know the dawn is so amazing and doesn't matter that three come at ones.
I'm very glad and I hail now the omen. This is the same as a church morning bell.
Wait for good news and just let them to come on, everything here is going well.

Through my small window I see in the evening on the horizon three coming moons.
Please don't think so this is very clear nothing by here is out of tunes.
Stay very quiet and don't worry. Can't you allow them to rise and to fell?
Wait for good news and just let them to come on, everything here is going well.

3. All Add in Pain (A Tribute too...)

Black hole's deadly tear
Done by a punch of a die,
Visible when a star
Falls away from the sky...
Motor sensational,
Farewell lambent trace,
More to explain for all,
Sunrise is not the case...

Time is a chain and ball,
Sweet Rock-N-Roll, good bye.
Somebody pen your role,
Who can explain you why?
When the epoch is dying
Nothing we can do then,
Augurs are duly lying
Where, and why, and when.

Fated time slaves we are
Convicted to come and go
But we still do stay here
To meet the coming war.
Only the void to found in,
Fears to feel the pain,
Millions weep a fountain,
Waits for Aladdin Sane...

4. Above and Below

Here is fire below the groud there is freedom above the sky...

5. Stockholm Syndrome

So, now it's the time
Czar Bastard has come.
World leaders run huge zeal
In the try of humour him.

When one room takes fire
You can simply lock the door.
That seems well just close your eyes
And the smoke will not spread more.
Hey, Sirdars, what do you feel,
Speed to sign a shameful deal?
Nobody wanna fight,
Nobody wanna die.

6. Flecks of the Chaos

Mad stroboscopes run faster and faster,
The drank commander has left the patrol,
Time pushes gears of the lock of disaster
And counts down without control.

Fire of war runs widely and wider,
Crowds of people are fleeing away,
Blind death is coming without the guidance,
Smoking and wrapping the light of the day.

Brutal commands sound roughly and rougher,
And no way to keep close or escape,
Lord of the Dark so bloody and awful
Disrupts the mask of his deadly green face.

Flecks of the chaos we are...

7. Recycle Facts

On a production machine I am happy to run,
I understand that I am an aluminum can.
I feel the layer of varnish high quality inks
And I am proud to carry these beautiful things.
All the comrades near me and with me in the line
And they are really happy to be friends of mine.
The filling line on high speed will top up me the beer
And pass me then to the strong can lid sealing machine.
I understand we was born on machines for great things,
Even to fly we don't need neither motors nor wings.
I think the Deity will take now good care for me,
I am created, I know, for the best destiny.

I feel myself very well with my friends in a pack
And I'm enjoying a trip in a luxury truck.
Each working day the conveyor is running non stop
Just in the sake that I'll get the right place in a shop.
In the showcase there is so soft perfect light
To underline my fresh varnish and inks in the night.
I'm feeling well and my pride seems to be very prompt,
They move me fast, I'm the best just ahead the shopfront.
Near shop windows I see people walk to and fro
They chose my friends who are really happy to go.
Somebody takes me and moves through the cash my next drive.
The destiny! Very soon I will know my new life...

But now I feel how roughly they pull my stay-tab,
My broken lid seems to be just a bit of a scrap.
I hate this day of my life that is really sad,
I see the ghoul who is laughing and drinking my blood.
Now I am empty and he throws me to the ground,
Dangerous boots hardly step very near around.
This is my fate and I can not avoid it yet.
Just one brute step is enough... I am dead, I am flat.
My dear friends, we are rubbish, we lay in a cage.
They don't care on our tender young age.
This is my thought on a painful machine milling knife:
What is the reason to grant us this beautiful life?

8. Slight Try to Escape (instrumental)

9. Insane Rhapsody

Infinite glume of locust is covering the sky,
Skyscrapers of Manhattan, skyscrapers of Shanghai.
Civilians seem flatly as sleepers under rails.
The Earth is crucified on rusty iron nails.

We are the world, we're people,
We're people of the world...

We hate to see this vile face of Big Brother,
On days and nights we don't sleep, we feel sick.
TV, newspapers will spite us but rather
Set up the freedom to smoke and to drink.

We don't believe that the train call this station,
Since out from here no way to the sky.
Stupid parades of the mass profanation
Lead us to march with the final "good bye".

Hey, yeah...